Glasgow City Council Welcome to St Paul’s (Whiteinch) Primary RC School

School Safety

Supervision of Pupils and School Security

When the weather is suitable children from all classes go outside to play.

An adult presence is provided in the playgounds at breaktimes under the terms of"Schools Safety and Supervision of Pupils Scotland" Regulations 1990.

An adult presence is provided by the janitor or our pupil support assistants and our Special Educational Needs Auxiliaries, all wearing high visibility jackets for easy identification.

We also operate a "Buddying System" with primary 6 pupils. The trained buddies are present in the infant playgound and they encourage all infants to take part in playground games. 

Children should be brought to the door at the back of the school on inclement mornings and put into the school.(not before 8.45). No adult should enter the school by this entrance at this time. If you wish to speak to a teacher, or member of the management team, make an appointment at the school office.

Children remain indoors if it is very wet or very slippery.

The school security system covers all entrances and exits, electronically. All visitors sign the visitors' book on entering the building.

We ask your cooperation in maintaining these systems.