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Curriculum for Excellence
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There is a well-structured language programme throughout the school. 

Where possible, active approaches are incorporated in teaching Literacy. This involves learning through games and activities, which allow the children to reinforce and develop their literacy skills

The main reading resource in P1 - P3 Oxford Reading Tree, and Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.

The upper school Language scheme is Literacy World

A wide variety of language extension and back up material is available e.g.

 Nelson Language and Development Skills,

 Scholastic Fiction and Non-Fiction Material and Kits.

There is a plentiful supply of current topical library and reference books. Pupils are guided by teachers to develop good reading habits.

Visits to the local library are encouraged at all stages of the school.



The core Maths resource is “Primary Mathematics”, (Heinemann), however in line with Curriculum for Excellence, most of the Maths is now taught within a topic or in active workshops.



Teachers are regularly reviewing Enviornmental Topics, in line with Curriculum for Excellence. Some topics are interdisciplinary, which means they encompass many other curricular areas.





This is an “umbrella” title covering Art, Craft, Drama, Movement, P.E, Dance and Music. Through these subjects each individual child is encouraged to develop his/her own talents. Our children take part in our Christmas Nativity Play, annually, Our Burns Celebrations and Our International concert also is very popular and well received.  Many children are involved in instrumental tuition in the following instruments:  violin and cello.


The development of Computing Skills is encouraged at every stage. A variety of educational programmes and games link the computer to other subjects in the curriculum. The school is now fully connected to the Glasgow Schools’ Network and has internet access. Each class has a minimum of two fully networked PCs. Smartboards and digital projectors make access to the net easy for all.  Internet access is safe, as “firewalls and safeguards” etc. are in use to prevent pupils
either inadvertently or deliberately, accessing inappropriate websites.   Children are  encouraged to access the “net” to obtain information and to contact other pupils in their own school and beyond, as can teachers. All users of the network are asked to sign an agreement saying that they will not abuse the system or use it for personal use.