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Helping my Child at School


Homework Policy

Homework should be of a high quality and relevant to ongoing class work. It should cover all curricular areas and inform parents about the classroom curriculum.

Time spent on homework varies according to the stage of the children. Infants may spend 10 to 20 minutes on an activity while a primary 4 to a primary 7 child may spend 15 to 40 minutes.

Our homework policy, which, although about homework, emphasises the importance of partnership and communication between teachers and parents.

The policy revolves around the use of a "diary". The diary will be brought back and forward between school and home every day, even if the child has no homework. Information in the diary will be minimal in terms of writing, but the codes used will indicate what homework your child has to do and guide you in asking and assisting them in its completion.

Attendance at School

Section 30 of the 1980 Education Act lays a duty on every parent of a child of "school age" to ensure that their child attends school regularly. Attendance must be recorded twice a day, morning and afternoon.

Regulation 7 of the Education (School and Placing Information) ( Scotland) Amendment, etc. Regulations 1993, requires each child's absence from school to be recorded in the school register as authorised: i.e approved by the authority or unauthorised: i.e unexplained by the parent (truancy) or temporarily excluded from school.

If your child is absent from school every effort should be made to contact the school as early as possible on day one of the absence, or earlier. A note confirming the reason for the absence should be given on his or her return to school.

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